Thursday, March 16, 2006

So I went and ran everybody's lineups through a lineup simulator.

Many caveats apply. Like I guessed at everybody's starting 9. It also doesn't account for right/left splits. I had to use raw, unadjusted stats. It figures average pitching (which a 9-team league is not). Yada yada yada. Nobody's perfect.

So just for kicks, here are the most potent offenses of the league top to bottom.

Western Sounders 6.968 runs/game
Burnt Toast 6.802
Bainbridge Bashers 6.717
PurpleSwirlies 6.644
Borden Parker Bowne 6.599
Bobbleheads 6.168
Adobe Toetags 6.052
Iowa Hay 5.829
Pueblo Runyons 5.693

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