Tuesday, February 14, 2006


My pick: Jason Giambi

Why I made this pick: Well, after going with an ace with my first pick, I needed a slugger. Fifteen picks into the draft, Giambi -- whose secondary average of .523 led all major leaguers -- was atop my list of available hitters. That .440 OBP was a must-have.

Best value of the round: Metz followed up his #1 Pujols pick with Jason Bay who not only hit .306/.402/.559 but also stole 21 bases in 22 tries AND plays left or center field. Seriously, how did Bay fall to #18 overall? Maybe the same reason he finished 12th in the MVP ballot.

Other notables: Brian snags Ichiro! for his first hitter pick. And while Ichiro! ranks 13th among all right-fielders in OPS we really can't nitpick any sentimental Mariner picks in this league, now can we? And then Harold follows up his pick of Dontrelle Willis with a closer - and not just any closer. Chad Cordero is certainly a valuable commodity, but 2nd round? Surely something is up Harold's sleeve. We'll stay tuned.

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