Monday, February 13, 2006

I miss Jeff.

Or maybe more specifically, I miss Jeff's round recaps.

So maybe I'll try my hand at reviewing the draft round by round, if I can do it justice.


My pick: Felix Hernandez

Why I made this pick: Plain and simple - I <3 King Felix. And with premier slugging MVP's Pujols, A-Rod and also Derrek Lee getting picked ahead of me, there was no way I was taking the chance of waiting to see if he'd last another 15 or so picks. All will bow to the prowess of King Felix. And a full season at that.

Best value of the round: Pujols was the Most Valuable Player of NL, and A-Rod in the AL. Derrek Lee had arguably better numbers than Pujols. King Felix posted a 2.67 ERA and struck out 77 in 84 innings. Travis Hafner raked 75 extra base hits. Clemens, Willis and Carpenter finished 3, 2 and 1, respectively, in the Cy Young voting. And one could argue that Johan Santana was robbed of the pitching award in the American League. You really can't fault any of these first round picks.

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