Monday, February 27, 2006

I was curious.

Friday, February 24, 2006

M’s sign Ibanez to two-year, $11m extentsion.

I keep telling myself that I rooted for the M's in the 80's from Pennnsylvania so I have to be able to handle this but...I just don't know anymore. How...why... I like Ibanez and all but is this deal honestly so we can get a big discount on his age 36 year? Just FYI I might play out the MBSBL one game at a time and pay attention to that instead of the M's.

Monday, February 20, 2006

So seriously, is Brian still alive? Because I'm getting worried.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Aaaarghh! Metz does it again, but again it's no surprise. The catcher I need or the best value slugger left in the draft. Why don't I just take the one (Tony Clark) that I KNOW Metz will grab?

I've started drafting for need now. I picked up the only hitter with an OPS over 1 for my DH and then figured with the 2 rangeless wonders I had in LF & RF I needed a fleet footed CF to pick up everything they miss...

I was bummed Varitek was gone by the time I picked....I've got his jersey and he would have made a nice addition to the Toast.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


My pick: Jason Giambi

Why I made this pick: Well, after going with an ace with my first pick, I needed a slugger. Fifteen picks into the draft, Giambi -- whose secondary average of .523 led all major leaguers -- was atop my list of available hitters. That .440 OBP was a must-have.

Best value of the round: Metz followed up his #1 Pujols pick with Jason Bay who not only hit .306/.402/.559 but also stole 21 bases in 22 tries AND plays left or center field. Seriously, how did Bay fall to #18 overall? Maybe the same reason he finished 12th in the MVP ballot.

Other notables: Brian snags Ichiro! for his first hitter pick. And while Ichiro! ranks 13th among all right-fielders in OPS we really can't nitpick any sentimental Mariner picks in this league, now can we? And then Harold follows up his pick of Dontrelle Willis with a closer - and not just any closer. Chad Cordero is certainly a valuable commodity, but 2nd round? Surely something is up Harold's sleeve. We'll stay tuned.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Yes this is a DH league. Yes I watched as my two next picks Young and Drew went right before my turn.

I wouldn't have picked a pitcher :-)

I really needed to fill out some position players and I was particularly looking for help up the middle and get some balance to my righty dominated lineup.

Looking at the OPS of 2b & SS I decided to alter that strategy. Remember when the league was full of SS with .900 OPS? Man, that position has fallen on hard times. We're back to the age of the defensive wizard.

On the good side I have an infield full of defensive vacuums. On the down side I have an outfield with no range that makes a lot of errors. Say hello to the late inning defensive substitution for Burnt Toast.

First thing this morning I was faced with a tough choice.

Smoltz or Berkman.

Only Metz gets two picks before I'm up, but I'm pretty sure whichever one I pick, he'll probably pick the other as one of the two. There was a better chance he might not pick Smoltz, and that leaned me toward Berkman. But of the remaining available starters I thought Smoltz was unambiguously best, so I feel I just couldn't risk it with only one starter on my team so far, and so many gone. Now Metz can make me feel bad by saying he wouldn't have picked a pitcher, because he didn't surprise me on the other account - Berk was gone.

I'm going to assume that we are using a DH in this league as in years past....

You're welcome for taking Sheets...

I miss Jeff.

Or maybe more specifically, I miss Jeff's round recaps.

So maybe I'll try my hand at reviewing the draft round by round, if I can do it justice.


My pick: Felix Hernandez

Why I made this pick: Plain and simple - I <3 King Felix. And with premier slugging MVP's Pujols, A-Rod and also Derrek Lee getting picked ahead of me, there was no way I was taking the chance of waiting to see if he'd last another 15 or so picks. All will bow to the prowess of King Felix. And a full season at that.

Best value of the round: Pujols was the Most Valuable Player of NL, and A-Rod in the AL. Derrek Lee had arguably better numbers than Pujols. King Felix posted a 2.67 ERA and struck out 77 in 84 innings. Travis Hafner raked 75 extra base hits. Clemens, Willis and Carpenter finished 3, 2 and 1, respectively, in the Cy Young voting. And one could argue that Johan Santana was robbed of the pitching award in the American League. You really can't fault any of these first round picks.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Metz you %\#$@! I knew you'd take Sheets but I knew Chipper wouldn't make it through either.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Round 3 is the earliest I've ever drafted a pitchter but I've never seen a run on pitching like this before. Halladay wsa actually number 1 on my draft board so I just took him.

Go Hawks!!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Yes we had a huge wind storm last night and the power was out all day. The server is back up now.

Is the draft server down? Just checking.

Friday, February 03, 2006

If the run on starters keeps up, I may be in real trouble having any kind of rotation, but I couldn't resist beefing up my infield with good hitters who field well in rounds 2 & 3. If Chris Carpenter had still been available I might have gone for a starter. Missed the earlier trash talk about A-Rod. We'll see, I just looked at the numbers before the draft started and was surprised he was even available after one pick.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

OK, we're back. We need to get this going so we're going to go with 9 teams. Brian is back on the clock after changing his first pick from Tony Womack to Chris Carpenter...wow we have abig run on pitchers.

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