Monday, May 02, 2005

4 reasons why the Iowa Hay sucked ass

Now that the season is over, let me take this opportunity to throw my team under the bus. Because it's all their fault.

1. My Bullpen is to awful as Nomar is still the DL.

The telling stat is that my bullpen gave up more blown saves (28) than any other team. Truth is, they never really had a chance as my team inherited more runners than any other team. In fact, the bullpen was just par for the course because ….

2. My starting pitching wasn’t much better

My pitchers—in gestalt—placed second in ERA, second in innings pitched, second in base-on-balls. I think my pitchers lacked nerve because when the going got tough, they collectively stank; No team gave up more sacrifice hits/bunts and I was second in wild pitches. Let me tell you, I was a sure thing. If you got on second (which apparently wasn’t all that hard to do against me), you were going to score as evidenced by my being third worst in WHIP.

To cap off my suckitude: I was second in BB/99 and second worst in K/9inning. Third worst in complete games and narrowly second last in quality starts which …

3. Would be all right if I had any run support
I didn’t. Worst in run support per pitcher and I finished with the second worst margin. Perhaps if I had hitting but alas,

4. The offense was a vanilla shade of vanilla

Offensively, I am middle of the road on about all categories except for stolen bases (2), which of course means I led the league in caught stealing. That was the only noteworthy thing to point out about my offense.

It’s not all bad though. My defense kicks ass. I led the league in put-outs, was second in assists and had the fewest errors (70). However, I think defense wins championships idiom clearly never intended itself for baseball. Unless they meant pitching. In which case, my kick ass defense now really, really sucks.

At any rate, it’s been fun. Good luck in the playoffs!

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