Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Optimist goes to Basselope Stadium with a 2-0 lead, and promptly give it up.

In game 3, the Optimist scores 3 runs on 11 hits, while the Basselopes score 5 runs on 4 hits. Mussina pitched a fine game, but both of his walks scored on the 2-run and 3-run homers he gave up to Carlos Delgado in the 3rd and Aubrey Huff in the 6th. Andy Pettitte pitched well with runners on, with the only damage coming from a Jimmy Rollins home run to lead off the game, and a 2-run shot from Ramon Hernandez in the 6th.

With the Basselopes up 5-3 in the top of the 8th, the Optimist chased Pettitte with a leadoff single, and had the bases loaded with one out. Juan Rivera works the count to 2-0, and promptly grounds into an inning-ending double play. And that's the ballgame.

With the Optimist up 2-1, game 4 features a rematch of Jason Schmidt and Johann Santana. Remember in game one, each of these pitchers only went 3 1/3. Well in game 4, they both go 6 2/3 and each gives up a run. Santana struck out 13, walked one, and gave up just 3 hits. The only damage came in the first when Luis Gonzalez lined a 2-out double and Adrian Beltre followed with a RBI single.

Jason Schmidt was not nearly as sharp for the Optimist, as he struggled with his location all day, en route to walking EIGHT batters. But he was effectively wild, as he gave up only two hits, and struck out 9. In the 4th inning, he escaped a no-out, runners on 2nd and 3rd situation with a couple of Ks.

In the sixth inning, he walked two batters, and with two outs, Lew Ford hit a double down the third base line, scoring Carlos Delgado, but Optimist left fielder Eli Marrero gunned down Aubrey Huff at home to end the threat.

In the 7th, a 2-out single from Ramon Hernandez thankfully chased Mr. Santana. Three walks in the bottom of the 7th ended the day for Mr. Schmidt, but Billy Wagner came on to strike out JD Drew.

The 8th and 9th saw both teams get runners to second, but Ricky Bottalico and Billy Wagner had no troubles. In the 10th inning, both teams turned to their erstwhile closers to hold the game.

Eddie Guardado came in with runners on first and second and one out and got two quick flyouts to get out the 10th. Lidge allowed an infield single to JD Drew but nothing else.

Then, with one out in the top of the 11th, Adrian Beltre hit a MAMMOTH 520 foot shot out of the stadium. Lidge held in the bottom of the 11th, and that was the ballgame.

The Optimist is now up 3 games to 1 and returning home for Game 5. After an 0-4 Game 3, Beltre went 2-5 in Game 4, dropping his batting average for the series down to .500. Mariner fans can only dream about seeing this sort of production from Beltre in the playoffs.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

13 runs allowed in 40 innings so far.

That's good pitching. C'mon Team Awesome!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Optimist 2 - Bellingham 1 (11) - Optimist leads series 3 - 1

Metz 4 - Awesome 5 - Awesome leads series 3 - 1

Optimist 3 - Bellingham 5 - Optimist leads series 2 - 1

Metz 1 - Awesome 2 - Awesome leads series 2 - 1

Monday, May 16, 2005

Bobby Madritsch shuts down the Basselopes, while Adrian Beltre and David Wright lead the offensive attack against Brad Radke, who also only lasts 3 2/3 inning. That Basselopes manager has got the quick hook working these playoffs...

Friday, May 13, 2005

Bellingham 2 - Optimist 6 - Optimist leads series 2 - 0

Awesome 6 - Metz 2 - Series tied 1 - 1

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Isn't that nice - my defensive replacement catcher costs me the game.

Asshole can't do anything right.

The hook came out early in the other playoff series as well. Sheets only lasted 3.2 innings and Halladay 1.2 innings before they both got the hook. Both bullpens pitched pretty well with 8 combined relievers giving up no runs. A combined twenty eight men left on base.

There were several "interesting" game events, including...
5-5  0 --- 32  Mabry walked (BBSFBB)
Williamson now pitching
5-5 0 1-- 22 Varitek popped out to second (FbBSBX)
5-5 1 1-- 32 Reese struck out (BSCFBBC)
5-5 2 1-- 22 Loretta grounded a double down the first base line, Mabry
to third (CBFBX)
Rauch now pitching
5-5 2 -23 30 Berkman was walked intentionally (IIII)
5-5 2 123 22 Ramirez struck out, Mabry out at home (FBBCS)
Two outs, the batter K's and the guy on 3rd is out at home? Must have been a passed ball strikeout with the runner getting cut down at the plate.

This one in the bottom of the 9th...
**************  Bottom of the 9th inning, Metz batting
Blanco now playing catcher
5-4 0 --- 02 Loretta lined a single to shallow left (FFX)
5-4 0 1-- 11 Berkman popped out to short (BSX)
5-4 1 1-- 10 Ramirez popped out to short (B>X)
5-4 2 1-- 31 Thome walked, Loretta to second (BBSBB)
5-4 2 12- 00 Giles grounded a single between third and short, Loretta
scored on an error by the catcher Blanco, Thome to
second (X)
5-5 2 12- 32 Mohr struck out (FBBCB>S)
I scored the tying run on an error by the catcher.

This one turned into the eventual game winner in the 13th inning
5-5  0 --- 32  Loretta flied out to left (CBSBFBX)
5-5 1 --- 32 Berkman walked (BSBFBB)
5-5 1 1-- 01 Berkman stole second (C>B)
5-5 1 -2- 31 Ramirez was walked intentionally (C>B.III)
5-5 1 12- 21 Thome flied out to left, Berkman to third (CBBX)
5-5 2 1-3 20 Giles grounded a single between third and short, Berkman
scored, Ramirez to second (BBX)
Berkman tagged from 2nd to get to 3rd on a fly ball to left field? That must have been one heck of a fly ball :-)

Optimist takes 1-0 lead over the Basselopes in a pitchers non-duel between Jason Schmidt and Johan Santana. Neither pitcher could get out of the 4th as their managers showed that, during the playoffs, the hook comes VERY early.

After two innings, there was no sign of the "carnage" to come, as Schmidt faced the minimum and Santana had only given up a two-out single to stud Adrian Beltre.

The Basselopes struck for two runs in a bizarre third inning. With one out, Raul Ibanez singled, and Ray Durham doubled. Then, Derek Jeter dribbled a ball to short that Jimmy Rollins couldn't field and was generously scored a hit. Schmidt seemed unfazed as he struck out Ben Broussard. But then, he walks J.D. Drew and drills Carlos Delgado in the middle of the back to drive in the second run.

Johan Santanna cruised to a 1-2-3 3rd with two strikeouts, and Jason Schmidt returned to the hill for the 4th inning, still without the control he lost in the third. Schmidt walked the bases full, and Optimist manager Whitey Ford was quick with the hook, bringing in scrub reliever Terry Adams into this situation. Adams nearly got out of it unscathed by getting a lineout from Jeter, but Ben Broussard drove in two runs with a single up the middle.

Staked to a 4-run lead, Johann Santana should have cruised to victory. Instead the Optimist bats and the Basselopes manager got to him in the 4th. Luis Gonzalez opened with a double, and Adrian Beltre hit an infield single that was smothered at second. Mike Lamb struck out, and then Hernandez ripped a run-scoring single between first and second.

And then the inexplicable happened. With one out and a 4-1 lead and runners on first and second, the Basselopes YANKED Johan Santana. Reliever Orber Moreno was greeted with a run-scoring Junior Spivey single and a Rocco Baldelli groundout to close the scoring on the inning.

The final line on Santana? 3.1 innings, 4 hits, 1 walk, 4 K's and 3 earned runs. He threw 35 strikes in 54 pitches. His counterpart Jason Schmidt pitched 3.1 innings, giving up 3 hits, 4 walks, a hit batter, and 4 earned runs against 4 K's. Schmidt threw 67 pitches, 36 of which were strikes.

Amazing that in the 4th inning of a playoff game that either manager would yank their pitcher.

The move turned out great for the Optimist, as Terry Adamas, Ramiro Mendoza, and Billy Wagner combined to pitch 4 2/3 of 1-run ball. The Basselopes did not fare so well, as Moreno gave up a run in the fifth, and Tom Gordon gave up three runs in the 7th.

Optimist closer Brad Lidge did his best to make things interesting as he gave up two doubles to bring the score to 7-6, but then he settled in to strike out Javy Lopez and induce a Lew Ford flyout to strand the tying run at second.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The playoffs have started. But, the web site generator does not know how to make reports for the playoffs and I'm sorry but I don't have time. The team boxsocore RSS feeds have the scores and I will post them here along with the series record. Here we go!

Bellingham 6 - Optimist 7 - Optimist leads series 1 - 0

Awesome 5 - Metz 6 (13) - Metz leads series 1 - 0

Friday, May 06, 2005

Can we switch to a four man rotation for the playoffs? Do we start from scratch or go from where the season ended?

Monday, May 02, 2005

4 reasons why the Iowa Hay sucked ass

Now that the season is over, let me take this opportunity to throw my team under the bus. Because it's all their fault.

1. My Bullpen is to awful as Nomar is still the DL.

The telling stat is that my bullpen gave up more blown saves (28) than any other team. Truth is, they never really had a chance as my team inherited more runners than any other team. In fact, the bullpen was just par for the course because ….

2. My starting pitching wasn’t much better

My pitchers—in gestalt—placed second in ERA, second in innings pitched, second in base-on-balls. I think my pitchers lacked nerve because when the going got tough, they collectively stank; No team gave up more sacrifice hits/bunts and I was second in wild pitches. Let me tell you, I was a sure thing. If you got on second (which apparently wasn’t all that hard to do against me), you were going to score as evidenced by my being third worst in WHIP.

To cap off my suckitude: I was second in BB/99 and second worst in K/9inning. Third worst in complete games and narrowly second last in quality starts which …

3. Would be all right if I had any run support
I didn’t. Worst in run support per pitcher and I finished with the second worst margin. Perhaps if I had hitting but alas,

4. The offense was a vanilla shade of vanilla

Offensively, I am middle of the road on about all categories except for stolen bases (2), which of course means I led the league in caught stealing. That was the only noteworthy thing to point out about my offense.

It’s not all bad though. My defense kicks ass. I led the league in put-outs, was second in assists and had the fewest errors (70). However, I think defense wins championships idiom clearly never intended itself for baseball. Unless they meant pitching. In which case, my kick ass defense now really, really sucks.

At any rate, it’s been fun. Good luck in the playoffs!

Regular Season is Over!

Hi all. I'm heading out of town this week and wouldn't have been able to run the games so I just ran the final week of the season. Thanks everyone for playing and congratulations to the top four who make the playoffs:Mariner Optimist, Bellingham Basselopes, Team Awesome, and Oh No Metz. I'm glad John is there to defend our title (and Optimist, if it was rigged I would not have given up 981 runs...981!!!!!!).

I'll get the playoffs set up next weekend and the first games should be there Monday. All best of seven series. I'd love to see some analysis on the blog about what will happen - I guess some more trash talk would be OK too.

Thanks again!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Retarded Question: Manny Ramirez attempted 3 steals. However he got caught stealing 4 times. Does that mean that if a guy gets picked off it counts an attempted steal? Or is this simply an error in the software?

Trash talk, eh? Um, thanks to my latest push I am now 20.5 games out of first whoohoo. Oh, but I have been eliminated from playoff contention. So I guess I am playing for draft position now which is sad given I had the second pick.

So now that its hopeless: is there any way I can bring up some guys up from the Ioway Hay farm system?

On the plus side, I was in Portland last week amid the rain for my sisters wedding when I happened by a Starbucks and grabbed my Ichiro Starbucks card. It's pretty cool so it's not all bad. :-)

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