Thursday, April 07, 2005

You want interesting games? My manager is completely stoned. The manager profile has Ron Villone setup as a mop-up man only. Instead here are games where...

he started and predictably lost 11-6
he came in to CLOSE a 2-1 Schmidt win, and predictably gave up 4 runs in ninth
got his first save

I hate to mention it, but Jason Schmidt is pitching ungodly and is carrying my team. 9 quality starts in 9 tries, 3 shutouts, and a 0.89 ERA. The rest of my starters are Madritsch (5.09), Orlando Hernandez (6.82), Oliver Perez (7.01), and Luke Hudson (8.59).

Here's is Brad Lidge blowing save in 9th and staying in to lose game 13-10 in 11 to Team Awesome. Team Awesome sure likes my pitching (they are 6-3 against me) - here's them scoring 10 runs on Oliver Perez in the first.

And my favorite starting pitching debacle comes against the Intimidators where Hernandez walked 11 batters in 125 pitches in 4 innings!

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