Thursday, April 28, 2005

Okay, I'll trash talk. I'm 3-3.5 games up on 3 teams with 22 to play, and easily have the best record and run differential in the league.


Because I'm better at this than you are. Just like Billy Beane is superior to the rest of the GMs.

Last year, I had the best team as well, but somehow my superior team lost it in the playoffs. Of course the guy running the simulations won it all somehow. Coincidence?

This year, Sodo is out and Oh No is on the ropes, so who knows, maybe the playoffs won't be fixed. Or maybe my 4-9 record vs Team Awesome will catch up to me. Just remember, I'm Billy Beane, so the playoffs are all luck.

No matter how it turns out, you know I'm better than you.

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