Tuesday, April 12, 2005

My Sounders have been surging of late, but not as much as Mariner Optimist or Iowa Hay. My boys' mettle will be tested in the next two rounds of games, though, as 10 of the next 12 games will be against the two division leaders, and the other two against the Revenge who have just reeled off 7 straight. It may be an opening for some of you others in contention.

It appears that my middle infield's fielding acumen is a genuine asset, as my record seems better than my batters' or pitchers' appearances on the stats leader board would indicate. Figgins and Uribe and Castilla seem to get to more balls and make fewer errors than most 2-ss-3 infields. Figgins is also an asset as a batter and runner with a decent .307 avg. and a league leading 10 triples. But it's Edmonds that's been carrying my team offensively, having produced the "Game-Winning RBI" in 11 of the last 45 games (11 of the last 28 wins)!

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