Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The dearth of trash talking here must be a result of all the mild-mannered folks being in the lead. My Sounders continue to perform beyond their expectations, and I am sure that the first hint of hubris from me will trigger a precipitous slide.

For those who like pitching duels, though, I've found the July 6 game between the Boobleheads and Sounders. Not a no-hitter, but there were only 7 total hits and 3 total walks for both teams combined. Willis earned the 1-0 win, allowing only 2 hits in 8 2/3 innings, Gagne picked up the save by getting Teixeira to fly out to left on an 0-2 pitch. Lima suffered the complete game loss, allowing only 5 hits and NO walks in a full 9 innings. The WHIP for the game was an impressive 0.55. There were two triples and three doubles, but no home runs.

Just noticed more about that game. Alou's triple in the second inning came just after Willis picked off Walker on first. Ouch! The Sounders defense reciprocated in the top of the third when Figgins caught a screamer off of Fick's bat, and was able to walk over to third base and double off Valentin who had just tripled with one out. The next time Fick was up to bat, Figgins had his comeuppance, as he booted the grounder and Fick reached. After Polanco followed that with his own error, Rolen doubled to right center and Fick ended up scoring the game's only run - an unearned one. So I suppose better than the WHIP of 0.55 is the game's ERA of 0.00.

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