Thursday, April 28, 2005

Team Awesome doesn't lose. They donate.

Can I get the Jesse Crain freakshow replaced with Troy Percival already, commish? I can't very well exert my Awesomeness if the league is colluding against me.

And Team Three True Outcomes? I like it. Note the 26 stolen base attempts, which is way below the average. I think I *will* sit back and wait for the three-run homer, thankyouverymuch.

I hereby nominate the Guam Guamaniacs as Team Gritty.

Can we rename Team Awesome to Team Three True Outcomes?

Look at this
Homeruns: 250 (2nd place Optimist has 204)
Walks: 722 (2nd place Oh No Metz has 602)
K's: 1199 (2nd place Bloomquist has 1187)

A team batting average of .257, but a slugging percentage of .474

I'll have to see how TTTC fared against Bobble Heads whose pitching staff leads the league in fewest walks and homers allowed.

Amazingly, playoff contender Western Sounders pitching has given up 20 more homers than any other team, but also leads the league with 20 complete games.

Sodo Mike's pitching staff is a debacle with a team ERA of 5.60 which is more than a half run worse than the second worst team. But that ain't all. They easily lead the league in unearned runs as well with 90, so that all told they have given up 15% more runs than the second worst team and almost 50% more than the best. Ouch.

Here are some calls for best/worst pitchers drafted:
23) Jason Schmidt, OPT - 2.73 ERA, 19-6, MBSBL Cy Young Favorite
92) Rich Harden, CRI - 3.59 ERA, 13-7
118) Bobby Madritsch, OPT - 4.05 ERA, 16-5
164) Trevor Hoffman, WES, 18 of 20 saves.
189) Braden Looper, CRI, 22 of 25 saves.
190) Wilson Alvarez, MET - 3.85 ERA, 10-7
197) David Bush, AWE - 4.07 ERA, 17-5

34) Oliver Perez, OPT - 6.90 ERA, 3-4 before being cut. Whoops.
40) Bartolo Colon, GUA - 5.60 ERA, 7-16.
67) Livan Hernandez, REV - 5.68 ERA 6-15.
79) Brad Lidge, OPT, 5.27 ERA, 7 Blown Saves
85) Doug Davis, SOD, 6.41 ERA, 8-13.
110) Matt Clement, BLO - 6.69 ERA !!! 4-18 Record !!! The Anti-Cy Young.
117) Greg Maddux, WES - 5.85 ERA, 9-13
153) Jason Marquis, KEN - 7.00 ERA, 5-17
174) Luke Hudson, OPT - 7.73 ERA, 3-7 record and cut.
205) C.C. Sabathia, BOB - 7.56 ERA, 1-5 record before mercifully cut
333) Jeff Suppan, SOG - 6.59 ERA, 5-16

Okay, I'll trash talk. I'm 3-3.5 games up on 3 teams with 22 to play, and easily have the best record and run differential in the league.


Because I'm better at this than you are. Just like Billy Beane is superior to the rest of the GMs.

Last year, I had the best team as well, but somehow my superior team lost it in the playoffs. Of course the guy running the simulations won it all somehow. Coincidence?

This year, Sodo is out and Oh No is on the ropes, so who knows, maybe the playoffs won't be fixed. Or maybe my 4-9 record vs Team Awesome will catch up to me. Just remember, I'm Billy Beane, so the playoffs are all luck.

No matter how it turns out, you know I'm better than you.

The schedule certainly doesn't favor team Oh No as they close out the season. With only a few series remaining, we have 6 teams fighting for 4 playoff spots. Unfortunately Oh No plays the Optimists, Basselopes and Team Awesome in 3 of the remaining 4 series. Metz's 3-10 record against the Soggy Bottom Boys, most of the games having been played early on in the season, may be his undoing.

It just goes to show you that games in April count as much as games in September.

Interesting game here. Thanks to some interesting pinch hitting decisions I ended up with the following infield in the 9th inning of a game where I was leading 6-3.

In the top of the 9th Tino Martinez pinch hit for my SS Pokey Reese. Instead of inserting Menechino in at SS ( he had the day off). The computer did the following...put Menechino in for Loretta at 2nd base, moved Koskie from 3rd to SS (where he has no defensive rating) and then put Tino Martinez in at 3rd base (again no defensive rating at that position and despite the fact that normal starting 3rd baseman Ramierez was on the bench). I guess the computer takes those days off very literally. I held on to win 6-5 with only Meninchino getting a defensive chance in the 9th....

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The dearth of trash talking here must be a result of all the mild-mannered folks being in the lead. My Sounders continue to perform beyond their expectations, and I am sure that the first hint of hubris from me will trigger a precipitous slide.

For those who like pitching duels, though, I've found the July 6 game between the Boobleheads and Sounders. Not a no-hitter, but there were only 7 total hits and 3 total walks for both teams combined. Willis earned the 1-0 win, allowing only 2 hits in 8 2/3 innings, Gagne picked up the save by getting Teixeira to fly out to left on an 0-2 pitch. Lima suffered the complete game loss, allowing only 5 hits and NO walks in a full 9 innings. The WHIP for the game was an impressive 0.55. There were two triples and three doubles, but no home runs.

Just noticed more about that game. Alou's triple in the second inning came just after Willis picked off Walker on first. Ouch! The Sounders defense reciprocated in the top of the third when Figgins caught a screamer off of Fick's bat, and was able to walk over to third base and double off Valentin who had just tripled with one out. The next time Fick was up to bat, Figgins had his comeuppance, as he booted the grounder and Fick reached. After Polanco followed that with his own error, Rolen doubled to right center and Fick ended up scoring the game's only run - an unearned one. So I suppose better than the WHIP of 0.55 is the game's ERA of 0.00.


It must be that my team, well, let's just say that we've been through quite a few pitching coaches already. I'll get the games posted tonight.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Hey, Commish - if you could drop Jesse Crain from my team and replace him with Troy Percival, that'd be great.

MGN = Margin, or Run Differential.

Team Awesome has won 19 of its last 24 games to pull into a three-way tie for first place. Credit goes to David Bush, an awesome bullpen, and the best offense in the league. Get out of my way.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Whoo hooo!! I won 8 out 10 and ... gained absolutely no ground as everybody but Metz, Bloomquist and Soggy are on at least 3-game win streaks (and every one has won at least 6 out of 10). Damn this virtual impersonation of the beer & whiskey league!

Incidently, on our standings page, what does MGN stand for (between Runs Allowed & Magic Number)? If I am going to suck at something--as my -47 would attest--I'd like to know exactly what I am sucking at!

Announcing the first trade of the year...

After deciding they needed to bolster their offense for the stretch run Oh No Metz has agreed to acquire Mark Loretta from Sodo Mike in exchange for starting pitcher Juan Dominguez and 2b Todd Walker.

Dominguez joined Oh No part way through the season and had become a fixture in the starting rotation. He went 8-4 for Metz with a sterling 3.69 ERA. Todd Walker was a disappointment for Oh No compiling a batting average barely over .200 in over 100 games. Sodo manager Mike stated "We know Walker is a quality player, we're hoping a change of scenery will help him re-establish his hitting stroke."

Loretta joins Oh No and gives them an immediate leadoff threat. Oh No had been using Lance Berkman in the leadoff role. Manager Metz stated "While Lance's .400+ OBP in the leadoff role has been a blessing, we haven't been making use of his power and ability to drive in runs. By shifting him down into the #2 hole we hope to jump start our offense."

Taking Dominguez's place in the starting rotation for Oh No is Dave Williams. Williams had been pitching mop up relief for On No. He was demoted early in the season after giving up 15 home runs in 30 innings pitched. Early results on Williams return to starting are mixed. He went 4 &2/3rds innings in his first start giving up 6 runs in the loss. His second start was also a loss but he pitched much better, going 7&1/3, giving up only 3 hits and 2 runs. The big news is that he kept the ball in the park in both starts. Manager Metz is keeping Williams under tight scrutiny. Oh No is 4&1/2 games out of the final playoff spot with 50 games left in the season.

Manager Metz also announced some further lineup changes for Oh No as a result of the Loretta trade. "We'll be shifting around the batting order. I need to get Ramirez more at bats with men on base", spoke the sage field leader.

Is this the last deal for Oh No? "We've got a few irons in the fire. Never say never", spoke veteran GM Metzvasi. "There are a few athletes we have our eyes on."

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Heh heh heh.

I'm so glad I got Harden :)

My pitching woes continue. Here's my first three guys (who lasted two innings) versus his stud Rich Harden. Harden threw seven innings and only threw four more pitches than Wright, Madson, Chacon did in their two illustrious (cough) innings.









































































Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Which league won the all-star game and gets to host the world series??

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Well, once again my team is under performing and not only are they not playing somewhere similar to their 2004 stat line, they are WAY off the mark. I mean Carpenter and Clement are pitching like Hideo Nomo.

If anyone is interested in a trade (for equal value) I'm open to it. I need to make some changes so I can try to get back in this.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

What's up with the schedule? I just played 7 straight games at the Western Sounders. Strange...

In the first game, Jason Schmidt got shelled in an 11-4 loss.

No worries, in the sixth game of the series, Jason Schmidt got his revenge with this NO-HITTER. He struck out 15 and walked 5.

This game really has not mastered the walk yet. I've got Schmidt walking FIVE? Orlando Hernandez walking EIGHT?

And, oh yeah, my last start Bobby Madritsch gives up seven runs in 1/3 of an inning. And I won, 8-7! Sounders pitcher Greg Maddux somehow gave up FOURTEEN hits and seven runs in 7 innings. FOURTEEN hits! His pitch count? 88. No wonder Bobby Madritsch is 10 and freakin 1. This team never says die!

pythagorean numbers for all teams

Team W L Expected Wins RS RA Actual Pythagorean Diff Pythagenport Diff X
Metz 39 38 41 392 367 0.506 0.533 -0.026 0.532 -0.025 1.94062658
Mike 36 40 36 431 458 0.474 0.470 0.004 0.469 0.005 2.05213225
Optimist 48 28 45 437 360 0.632 0.596 0.036 0.595 0.037 1.98096709
Sounders 45 31 41 406 374 0.592 0.541 0.051 0.540 0.052 1.96692152
Awesome 40 36 40 432 409 0.526 0.527 -0.001 0.528 -0.001 2.01597361
Hay 37 40 36 376 398 0.481 0.472 0.009 0.472 0.008 1.95337535
Bloomquists 36 40 36 365 387 0.474 0.471 0.003 0.472 0.002 1.94310637
Soggy 27 50 33 340 394 0.351 0.427 -0.076 0.430 -0.079 1.918808
Cricketeers 44 33 43 391 346 0.571 0.561 0.011 0.558 0.013 1.92146514
Bellingham 43 44 48 385 343 0.494 0.558 -0.063 0.553 -0.059 1.83391819
Punchy 40 36 37 377 383 0.526 0.492 0.034 0.492 0.034 1.95
Booble 38 39 37 328 340 0.494 0.482 0.011 0.483 0.010 1.85742861
Kent 35 42 37 356 369 0.455 0.482 -0.028 0.483 -0.028 1.91077092
Guam 27 49 29 298 386 0.355 0.373 -0.018 0.381 -0.025 1.88136376

Indeed I feel fortunate, not only against Metz, but overall. The Sounders must be a Pythagorean anomaly at this point. It looks like we have an extra day to anticipate the face off between 1-2 in our league, as no games happened last night. And a face off it will be with 7 games straight. Can the Sounders carry their heat forward against the top team, or is a comeuppance upon them? We'll see.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Walker, you cursed me! After mentioning the Iowa Hay as surging, they have slumped into a six-game losing streak. I hope we haven't already peaked.

Walker you should feel fortunate you swept me. Two extra innng games and the 3rd you won in the bottom of the 9th on a walk off by Alou. Octavio Dotel, possibly the worst reliever in the game not named Chacon blew both extra inning games.

Dotel had these stats in the real world

6 6 3.69
85.1 68 33 122 13 77 0 0 0 36 2 0.12

and these stats in our world


Dotelcl 6.842471900025.0221919143471110

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

My Sounders have been surging of late, but not as much as Mariner Optimist or Iowa Hay. My boys' mettle will be tested in the next two rounds of games, though, as 10 of the next 12 games will be against the two division leaders, and the other two against the Revenge who have just reeled off 7 straight. It may be an opening for some of you others in contention.

It appears that my middle infield's fielding acumen is a genuine asset, as my record seems better than my batters' or pitchers' appearances on the stats leader board would indicate. Figgins and Uribe and Castilla seem to get to more balls and make fewer errors than most 2-ss-3 infields. Figgins is also an asset as a batter and runner with a decent .307 avg. and a league leading 10 triples. But it's Edmonds that's been carrying my team offensively, having produced the "Game-Winning RBI" in 11 of the last 45 games (11 of the last 28 wins)!

I think my team is having an identity crisis:

Roberts pinch hitting for Podsednik
9-3 2 --- 00 Podsednik grounded a single between first and second (X)
9-3 2 1-- 30 Chavez walked, Roberts to second (BBBB)

I can't figure out if this is one of the best or one of the most boring games of the year:

Team Awesome 6, Bloomquist Fan Club 4 (16)

There were four runs scored in the first 15 innings of the game.

Perhaps most impressively, I only needed to use four pitchers, half as many as Trent in a losing effort.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Here's something interesting, my winning percentage (0.471) is exactly the same as the James' "Pythagorean theorem".

Rf ^ 1,82
(rf ^ 1.82) + (ra ^ 1.82)

Which yields:
30308.39 / 64327.72 = .471158

I don't know if this is the intention of the program or not, but it is pretty cool.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Disturbing Stat: the pitchers who play the most game 1-5 are all on my team! No wonder my bully is so awful and I am 0-21 when trailing after 7.

Games Played
1 Chacon HAY 29
2 Shouse HAY 29
3 Smoltz HAY 29
4 Madson HAY 28
5 Seay HAY 28

Blown Saves
1 Chacon 3
6 Shouse 3

My "manager is on crack" moment was when my manager hat Dave Roberts (.091) pinch hit for Paul L0Duca (.243) at the top of the 10th. Roberts struck out and A-Rod homered to win it.

Friday, April 08, 2005

How to turn a 5-0 lead into a 12-0 lead courtesy of the base on balls

 0-5  0 --- 30  Mohr walked (BBBB)
0-5 0 1-- 21 Walker reached on an infield single to third, Mohr to
second (BF11BX)
Crain now pitching
0-5 0 12- 11 Reese popped out to short (BSX)
0-5 1 12- 30 Berkman walked, Mohr to third, Walker to second (BBBB)
0-5 1 123 31 Giles walked, Mohr scored, Walker to third, Berkman to
second (BBBCB)
0-6 1 123 31 Varitek walked, Walker scored, Berkman to third, Giles to
second (BBBCB)
0-7 1 123 32 Thome walked, Berkman scored, Giles to third, Varitek to
second (BSFBBB)
0-8 1 123 32 Koskie walked, Giles scored, Varitek to third, Thome to
second (BBBCFB)
Remlinger now pitching
0-9 1 123 10 Mabry lined a single down the right field line, Varitek
scored, Thome scored, Koskie to third (BX)
0-11 1 1-3 12 Mohr struck out (CSBS)
0-11 2 1-3 20 Walker lined a single to shallow center, Koskie scored,
Mabry to second (BBX)
0-12 2 12- 11 Reese flied out to left (CBX)

Thursday, April 07, 2005

My team gets two-hit by Juan Dominguez, then beats the crap out of Mark Prior and AJ Burnett? What?

The post by the Optomist is one of the funniest things I've read in weeks. Thanks Cory. You made my day.

Let's get some more chatter from the other members....

Oh No has gone 6-4 since the rotation and playing time shakeup. I think the team meeting we had where the players "cleared the air" really helped get the "team chemistry" in sync.

Team Awesome is holding up the draft again. They have been on the clock for 307:54:33 and counting. I may have to ask Mike to enforce the 24 hour rule in a week or so.

Games? What games?

You want interesting games? My manager is completely stoned. The manager profile has Ron Villone setup as a mop-up man only. Instead here are games where...

he started and predictably lost 11-6
he came in to CLOSE a 2-1 Schmidt win, and predictably gave up 4 runs in ninth
got his first save

I hate to mention it, but Jason Schmidt is pitching ungodly and is carrying my team. 9 quality starts in 9 tries, 3 shutouts, and a 0.89 ERA. The rest of my starters are Madritsch (5.09), Orlando Hernandez (6.82), Oliver Perez (7.01), and Luke Hudson (8.59).

Here's is Brad Lidge blowing save in 9th and staying in to lose game 13-10 in 11 to Team Awesome. Team Awesome sure likes my pitching (they are 6-3 against me) - here's them scoring 10 runs on Oliver Perez in the first.

And my favorite starting pitching debacle comes against the Intimidators where Hernandez walked 11 batters in 125 pitches in 4 innings!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

In true Bavasi fashion....

Please add Juan Dominguez to my roster as my 25th player and modify my manager profile (sent to Mike in an email) . Time to star auditioning for a new 5th starter and adjusting roles in the bullpen.

I've also modified playing time for some of the regulars and changed my manager profiles to "put the game in motion". All things I think Bavasi and Hargrove would do after starting 15-23.

My team is doing worse then even I expected mostly because my players aren't hitting. If this continues I'll have to "shuffle the lineup". Then I'll start grabbing guys off the waiver wire and plug them into the starting 9.

If you notice any interesting games while looking over your boxscores, post them.

Here is a David Wells 3-hit complete game shutout of the Sounders followed the next night by a Brandon Webb 5-hit complete game shutout of the Mike's.

Monday, April 04, 2005

This isn't Team Awesome. This is Team Horseshit.

Yes, I forgot to run the games last night! Sorry, I'm trying to set up boxscore RSS feeds for the major league teams and last night I finally had a real boxscore to work with. Of course, Yahoo decided to make willy-nilly changes in the format so I had a lot of tweaking to do it the MBSBL slipped my mind. I'll run four series tonight. If your interested in the box score feeds you can get a preview here:


I still need to do a lot of testing before I announce to the world but it seems to be working.

Friday, April 01, 2005

It just seems like I play Guam every game! The schedule making tool is clearly a bit weird. For better or worse here is the full league schedule.

Can my team fire it's manager? Can I at least put them all on steroids? Is Casdra down? I cannot access the further carnage done to my team.

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