Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Swamped by work, hypnotized by 40 hour pick intervals, I've been flailing to keep up and failing. I haven't researched many picks. Hence, I feel less than qualified to even drop a "steal 'o the draft" reference.

All I can do is tell you why I made the picks I did over the last five rounds. So here goes:

My pick: Eddie Guardado
Why I made this pick: The reliever pool is not as deep as I believed, and at this point it's shallow like a wading pool -- quickly heading for "the guy that sneers at your choice of shoes" territory. I picked Every Fifth Day Eddie because he mows down lefties (to the tune of a sub-.400 OPS against), has a good strikeout rate and a healthy rotator cuff in imaginary baseball. The extra base hits come in greater abundance than I would like, but he's the best available lefty at this point. I think.

My pick: Orber Moreno
Why I made this pick: One of two risks I've taken in the last five round, Moreno's rate stats hold up against anyone left. But he didn't pitch too many innings, so there's cause for concern. A sure thing? No way. A decent gamble at this point? Yes.

My pick: Kevin Brown
Why I made this pick: With three lefties in the rotation, I wanted to get another right-handed starter. Brown did not have a great year, but is tough on righthanders and makes a fine fifth starter. Plus, he was the only starter left that I researched from my last tier of desirables. And he has the "personality of a rattlesnake"! What's not to like?

My pick: Frank Francisco
Why I made this pick: Because when Brown gets out of line, someone has to throw a chair at him and break his nose. Now I just need to draft someone to chant "E-C-dub! E-C-dub!"

My pick: Jayson Werth
Why I made this pick: The second gamble. Werth put up decent, not phenomenal, numbers in a hitters park, producing a .281 EqA. He's right-handed, giving me a platoon mate for Ibanez. Ibanez wasn't too bad against lefties last year, but word is that Diamond Mind considers splis for a longer period. If that's so, I need a righthanded hitter ... and if DM only consider 2K4, Werth's 1.001 OPS against lefties looks mighty good.

I made it through the entire Round Nineteen recap without making a bad joke about how he may or may not be "Werth" it. [Get it?] I am so proud.

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