Wednesday, March 30, 2005

It appears that free agent pickups and trade results won't be reflected on our teams' draft pages. We'll have to go to the roster pages for that.
Soggy Bottom's, for example.

You gotta love the extra info on the roster pages. I especially like "iron" and "terror". Iron is irrelevant with injuries turned off, though.

What does "usage" mean on the status pages. Some of these are set to more games than have been played, but it is way less than number of at bats.

Puchy Delgado's Revenge, Iowa Hay, Soggy Bottom Boys, and Kent Intimidators appear to be the teams with only one catcher. Soggy and Kent are pretty thin in the infield too. If we're not going to have injuries, then we should at least enforce some resting of players - I think.

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