Friday, February 18, 2005

When you sort by defense, some players that ostensibly have worse ratings are ranked higher. Take the center field defense ratings, for example. Mike Cameron is the top-rated player left, at 4e136.

Check out nine spots lower, though. Vernon Wells is down there with an outstanding 4e19 rating. Assuming the "4" range is equal, you would think that Wells would be ranked higher than Cameron -- and, indeed, most of the players stil ranked above him, none of whom has a range greater than four or an error rating less that 19.

Uhh...the sort is just plain broken. Another bug for the list. They should be sorted with highest range rating first and then inside that by lowest error rating. I'll see if I can fix it (without breaking anything else).

Another question on defense: does Carlos Lee's 4e0 rating in left mean he never makes any errors?

Well, that's the way I read it in their explanation but it does not make a lot of sense that it impossible for him to make an error. I just don't know.

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