Monday, February 07, 2005

My pick: Derek Jeter.
Why I made this pick: Jeter is not one of my favorite players by any means -- he's overrated from playing in NYC, and he's defensively wooden. But Digital Derek has a fine defense rating, and shortstops worth nabbing are scarce. The next-best bat, Nomar, plays the field with all the vigor of a man watching his wife in the stands -- which, to be fair, I can understand. The difference between David Ortiz and Jim Thome isn't as great in my eyes as the gap between Jeter and the field, so I hold my nose and take a dreaded Yankee.
Best value of the round: Larry Walker. His .329 EqA is close to J.D. Drew territory a round later, and we don't have to worry about him hurting himself. Manny Ramirez and J.T. Snow are also good values, though Snow was disqualified from consideration under the rarely-enforced "24 hours per pick" rule. It's rarely enforced because I just made it up.
Biggest surprise: "Does this uniform make me look ... well, a little chunky?"
"No, Bartolo. I can honestly say that the uniform does not. By the way, Rich Garces left a message: he wants you to go cruising for babes with him later."

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