Monday, February 28, 2005

My pick: Raul Ibanez.
Why I made this pick: Two words: Token. Mariner. Really, though, I would have been happy with either Ibanez or John Mabry here. The next-high EqA after Mabes' .292 or Raul's .291 is Dustan Mohr at .285, and since Metz nabbed Mabry, I wanted a lefty-swinging everyday bat here. Theoretically, I can even get by without platooning anybody, meaning I can load up on pitching in the next few rounds.

Best value of the round: Derrek Lee. A solid bat with excellent defense in the late rounds. While everyone else is taking pitching, Pedro rounds out his offense.

Also notable: Ray King is a fantastic lefty reliever, but his strikeout rate (see also: Dan Kolb) is not as high as some relievers left. I don't know how Diamond Mind will play him (nor how Graham's team defense is shaping up), so this is an interesting pick to me.

My pick: Glendon Rusch.
Why I made this pick: I've had my eye on Rusch for the past two rounds. He had a fine year in a hitter-friendly environment, salvaging his career. Picking him gives me three lefty starters. Besides, I have only researched about 10 other starting pitchers, so if I get my fifth starter before they all go, I can avoid doing any more research.

Best value of the round: Shingo Takatsu. I almost picked him instead of Rusch. Mr. Zero is murder on right-handers, and lefties don't hit him too well either. David Wright is also a good value, but on the topic of relievers ...

Also notable: How fast relievers are going compared to starters. As I recall last year, pitching performed in a wildly unpredictable fashion. My strategy has been to get starters (who pitch more innings). Other folks, including The Other Jeff S., have opted for relievers (who pitch high-leverage innings). We shall see which approach pays most dividends.

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