Friday, February 18, 2005

My pick: Lew Ford.
Why I made this pick: Ford plays good defense at three outfield positions, so I no longer have a defensive liability in J.D. Drew playing center. I can still pick up a better defensive CF later, shift Ford to left and let Drew get virtual batteries thrown at him from the right field bleachers.

Best value of the round: It's a good sign when multiple opponents curse your name after you make a pick, and I was among those curing the Optimist for snaring Bobby Madritsch. It's not just homerism, either -- Mads doesn't give up many long hits and has a sterling OPS against. Josh Beckett makes a nice consolation prize for Metz.

Biggest surprise: Eric Young's last name is ironic. Discuss.

My pick: Carlos Delgado.
Why I made this pick: Again, this wasn't the plan: I wanted a third starter here. But especially with Mike snaring Ryan Klesko, big lefty bats are hard to come by, so I took the player with the best OPS and EqA left on the board. As a bonus, he's left-handed and fills a position of need with solid defense.

I couldn't wait to talk about Carlos, so I'll wait on Best value of the round and Biggest Surprise until the end.

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