Wednesday, February 09, 2005

My pick: Javy Lopez.
Why I made this pick: When I made this pick, there were three catchers left that could hit. I thought that with Posada going a round before, I should nab one before they vanished. It seems that pitching has gone faster, though, so I'm regretting not taking best-available slugger Frank Thomas or Carlos Zambrano instead. Hopefully, someone will nab Victor Martinez and Jason Varitek soon, which would net them a bargain and make me feel better.
Best value of the round: Aaron Rowand, Eli Marrero. Part of my rationale for nabbing a catcher was that I could wait for some undervalued outfielders to fall in later rounds. These two weren't undervalued enough.
Biggest surprise: What am I missing about Armando Benitez? With starters going like green tea at my house, making Boom-Boom Benitez the second reliever taken seems odd.

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