Friday, February 11, 2005

My pick: Brad Radke.
Why I made this pick: There will be 70 starting pitchers taken in this draft. Last year, even my good starting pitchers got rocked. Looking down at the 60-70 levels of ERA rankings, you get names like Ryan Franklin. I figured it was wise to get far and away the top starter according to VORP (who also does well in other metrics).

Or maybe I'm just a) trying to reassemble the Twins' staff, or b) trying to get two starters that wildly differ from each other in as many ways as possible. One's left-handed; one's right-handed. One is white; one is Latino. One strikes out a lot of people; the other is Brad Radke. One gives up a lot of home runs; the other is Johan Santana.

Best value of the round: Sean Casey early, Erubiel Durazo late. You probably don't want Ruby playing the field, but he's got the highest EqA of anyone left by more than 10 points. Clearly the best available bat, and I would have snagged him if he had fallen to me. Casey was another value bat.

Biggest surprise: No real surprises. If forced, I'd point to Juan Uribe, but that's definitely a defensible pick given the shortstops remaining. He plays good defense and can hit a bit, and I'm not sure there are many middle infielders left about whom that can be said.

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