Friday, February 25, 2005

Notes: No more "Biggest surprise." As the draft gets later, it'll be tough to identify picks for this category, so I'm replacing it with "also notable," where I can ramble about interesting choices.

Also: at the end of Round 13, I'll try to have a midway team-by-team review.

My pick: Ben Broussard.
Why I made this pick: With Phil Nevin gone, Broussard is a cut above all the hitters left. With his .299 EqA, he'll slide nicely into my DH slot. I am gambling that there will be a valuable outfielder or a third baseman left when the draft swings around to me.

Best value of the round: John Mabry. Mariner fans may not want to remember this, but Mabry had an outstanding season for St. Louis after falling flat on his face in the teal. His .292 EqA and serviceable defense in left field made him one of the players I wanted in the next round, but he didn't fall.

Also notable: Scott Williamson. In limited innings, an extremely stingy OPS against, highlighted by a total of zero homers allowed. I had my eye on Williamson, but thought he would be a risk given how little he pitched and his somewhat disconcerting walk rate. This is a pick with high reward, however.

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