Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Maybe the 2005 stats will be available by the time we finish this draft. ;-) Actually it's taken us one week to get through about 1/6 of the draft, so assuming this is about twice as fast as average due to early interest, we still should finish before the end of May. Almost as scinitillating as a chess by mail game, eh?

It might be worth monitoring the sticking tendencies to see if draft neighbors could just slightly change their checking in habits to avoid the worst gaps.

I hate to make a pick before necessary. I wondered with Odalis, whether he would have lasted through eight more picks. As long as I get my next most desired player (no I ain't sayin') it won't matter, because I'm pretty sure Odalis wouldn't have lasted through another 28 picks, the way the starting pitching is getting torn through.

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