Thursday, February 17, 2005

I'll have to let Mike answer that one. I don't know if he's running his own sorting algoritm or relying on a diamond mind one. There's a lot that is hidden inside the diamond mind engine. It's not like stratomatic where you have a card with discrete outcomes. From what Mike has told me and what I've read on the diamond mine site it's got a much bigger inference engine inside it.

One thing I do know is last year I put a bunch of platoons in place and hardly any of them paid off. I picked 2 extreme players with splits to platoon at 1st base (2001 Nevin and Thome) . Nevin had something like a 1.20 OPS against left handed pitching, Thome was close to the same vs. righties. Neither paid off and I was bewildered. Then I read up some more on splits to find out that they often flip flop for many players over different seasons. Take a look at Boone's lefty righty splits over several years as an example. The Diamond Mind engine takes this into account and you can draft a player with incredible splits in 2004 and have totally different outcomes in the sim league.

It's a complicated piece of software which makes it exciting and frustrating at the same time (sort of like the real game and performance predictions).

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