Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I picked Menenchino for the same reason you picked Huff. Frank is eligible at ss, 2nd and 3rd. His stats are a wash with Bellhorns when you figure that Frank only had 1/2 the at bats of Bellhorn last year. Bellhorn has the advantage of being a switch hitter but Frank has much better defensive numbers (at last as far as errors go). I figured with a couple of 2 rated defensive posts on the corners I might as well go with better defense up the middle. It was a tough choice though...

As far as I remembered about last year. Teams that sought out pitchers with limited innings but great results in those innings had mixed results. Wilson Alvarez and Tonay Armas put together respectable seasons but no one else comes to mind. With the addition of 4 more teams, that means a need for 20 more starting pitchers, it may not be a bad idea to take some flyers on starting pitching this year in the later rounds.

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