Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Bellhorn also hit some of the biggest home runs in Red Sox history to go along with his strikeouts. You gotta take the bad (even though I don't think of strikeouts as bad) with the good.

My VORP is just about where I thought it would be. I'm trying something a little different this sim draft. I'm attempting to think like Bavasi. I've consciously not gone to the BP page to look at any advanced stats. I'm using what the draft page has. I am looking at ESPN to see road/away splits and L/R splits for batters, but that's it. For someone who called their team the Kings of VORP a few seasons ago, this is pretty difficult.

I'm trying to draft players that I think would appeal to GM's like Bavasi. Either big sluggers or little speedsters or "5 tool" guys. I'm still trying to win but I'm taking a very different approach than I have in the past in assembling "my" team. I'm not trying to mimic the 2005 M's but what I think the M's would assemble if they could. This should prove very interesting.

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