Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Ugh. I almost made it through two different sim leagues without screwing something up! It all started with me being lazy and letting the program schedule the world series games for me. Of course it did not know anything about the regular season and I missed that it gave 116'ers home field. I played the first three games before I noticed and Sodo won 2 out of 3. I then noticed it and I really thought hard about just letting it go, but 116'er have a slightly better road record. I never posted these games and I decided to fix it. I just deleted the other scheduled games, scheduled some new ones on top and let it rip. Again Sodo was up 2 - 1 and I posted the results. Obviously I did not look at the box scores as both John and Kevin let me know that they were a mess. All the starters immediately were removed from the games. Of course this is because the silly computer assumed I was playing a second game on each day and the starter had already pitched! Ugh!

So, the answer here is to pretend these games never happened. I have rescheduled the World Series games for one week later with the same starting rotation. The results are now posted...and AGAIN Sodo is up 2-1...I guess it was meant to be. No stats though as I can't separate these games from the bogus ones.

Sorry about the mess. We'll finish up the league this week, just in time for the M's to start playing good baseball!

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