Friday, April 02, 2004

It's over! And what a finish. Sodo slumps their way to a first place tie with the Optimist. And tough break to San Shin, the team with the second best run differential misses the playoffs. That must feel great to have your team match the M's performance over the last two years. Congratulations to the playoff teams and thanks everyone for playing!

So I didn't cover ties for teams that made the playoffs at the start but the obvious thing to do is use head-to-head record for the seeding. Sodo was 10-8 against the Optimist so we will be the #1 seed (BTW, that puts us against Musings in the first round, the only team we have a losing record against, 7-11). So the playoff series will be Sodo Oh No vs Mariner Musings and Mariner Optimists vs. Onesixteeners.

Now the bad news...I'm on vacation next week and probably will not have internet access :-(

I'll get the playoffs going right when I get back. I will be assuming a four man rotation. If you want to do something different let me know through email. I'll play the first three games of each series Monday and then play them one game per day to let the tension mount.

Thanks again to everyone for playing.

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