Monday, March 08, 2004

I'm glad we're all having fun so far...some more than others! The game logs are a tad hard to read, but once you get used to it they are neat. Let's go through a half-inning. How about the second inning from MO's opener
Mariner Optimist     -----A------ -----B------ -----C------ -----D------ -----E------

Beltran cf 1>43 43.1-2 k
Cruz cf k 543/gdp
Giles 2b k k 5>2/fl W 9>53

Lopez c S 3>7 k note 1 3/fl
Stairs 1b k 8 31 Heredia
Nevin ph IW 7
Posada dh 2>S 3/L 6>43 S.3-H;1-2 0>8
Koskie 3b S.1-3 4>HR S
Helms ph W.2-3;1-2 3/g
Guillen lf HP.1-2 k S.1-2 Quantrill 43
Abreu rf note 2 S 543/gdp 8>S 1>k
Valentin ss 8/SF.3-H SB2 7>31 9 9

1: D.1-H;B-3(e6/th) 2: S.3-H;2-H;1-3
So, here's what happend in the second.
  • Posada leads off with a single (S, means single)
  • Koskie singles and Posada moves to third (S.1-3, means single and the runner on first moves to third)
  • Guillen is hit by a pitch and Koskie moves to second, bases loaded (HP.1-2 means hit by pitch and the runner on first moves to second)
  • Abreu singles scoring Posada and Koskie, Guillen moves to third (Note 2 (when they are to long to fit it makes notes below the game log) = S.3-H;2-H;1-3 means single, runner on third scores, runner on second scores, runner on first moves to third)
  • Valentin hits a sacrifice fly scoring Guillen (8/SF.3-H means sacrifice fly to center field (8), runner on third scores)
  • Beltran grounds out, Abreu moves to second (43.1-2 means ground ball to second, runner on first moves to second)
  • Giles strikes out to end the inning (K means strikeout)

    What could be simpler?! :-)

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