Tuesday, March 09, 2004

All I can say is... evil luck.

After 21 games, the Optimist is 9-12, but has outscored his opponents by 11 runs. Only a 4-game sweep of Fire Bavasi has kept us in the chase, after an UGLY eight game losing streak.

Amazingly, the Optimists have the second best ERA in the league behind Mariner Musings and have 12 of 21 quality starts, also 2nd best in the league. 4-4 in save opportunities is good. The offense is third in the league with a 795 OPS trailing only Mariner Musings at 797 and the mighty 868 of first place San Shin, led by Barry Bonds and his obscene 1276 OPS with 14 HRs. How can we program these guys to automagically walk that guy!

Jason Isringhausen has single-handedly cost M.O. two games and has an ugly 13.50 ERA to show for it. And Cliff Lee(5.30) has been a huge disappointment in the rotation. Tony Armas and his 5.46 ERA look pretty bad, but 3 of his 5 starts have been quality starts. Thank goodness for Eric Dubose and his nifty 2.45 ERA, coming in 4th in the league behind Ortiz, Hudson, and ...
Julio Mateo, who has won 4 games as a middle reliever for Sodo Oh No! Damn, I knew I should have picked up Ortiz, and not let him fall to the Safe.

So.. when do we get to make roster moves, trades, etc...
And how can we see fielding statistics? I'm pretty sure Jose Guillen's errors may be offsetting his awesome offense.

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