Tuesday, March 30, 2004

5 teams, 4 playoff spots, 3 weeks to go. Its Pennant Fever!

Sodo Oh No (89-55)
...3 vs. The Safe, 3 vs. WTTH, 3 vs. Fire Bavasi,
...3 vs. Cracking the Safe, 2 vs. Mariners Weekly, 4 vs Mariners Optimist
Mariner Optimist (83-63)
...3 vs. Mariner Musings, 3 vs. Fire Bavasi, 2 vs. WTTH,
...3 vs. Onesixteeners, 2 vs. San Shin, 4 vs. Sodo Oh No
Onesixteeners (80-66)
...3 vs. WTTH, 3 vs. Cracking The Safe, 3 vs. Mariners Weekly,
...3 vs. Mariner Optimist, 2 vs. Mariner Musings, 3 vs. Fire Bavasi
Mariner Musings (80-67)
...3 vs. Mariner Optimist, 3 vs. Mariners Weekly, 2 vs The Safe,
...3 vs. WTTH, 2 vs. Onesixteeners, 3 vs. San Shin
San Shin (78-68)
...3 vs. Fire Bavasi, 3 vs. The Safe, 2 vs. Cracking the Safe,
...3 vs. Mariners Weekly, 2 vs. Mariner Optimist, 3 vs. Mariner Musings

EVERYONE plays the optimist in the final three weeks. Optimist unlikely to catch Sodo Oh No with their schedules, but they do end with 4 games against the Sodomists. Race for fourth place could come down to the final week, as San Shin tries to catch Mariner Musings with three games in the final weekend.

Head-to-head History...
Sodo Oh No vs. Optimist (9-5), 116(12-6), Musings(7-11), San Shin(11-7) - only bad matchup is current potential first round match.
Optimist vs. 116(11-5), Musings(9-6), San Shin(6-10) - Wants 116ers to come in 3rd.
116 vs. Musings (9-7), San Shin(12-6) wants to come in 2nd with Optimist in 4th or out of playoffs.
Musings vs. San Shin (9-6). Likes first round matchup with Sodo Oh No and matches up well with everyone.

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