Wednesday, March 31, 2004

And down the stretch we come ...

Despite an incredible 12-25 record in one-run ballgames, San Shin's still got a shot to make the playoffs, one game out of the fourth slot with 11 to play.

I was just kidding about my strategy of lurking 10 games out the entire year to mimic the M's 1995 season -- but there's a solid chance, isn't there, of a one-game playoff between San Shin and Mariner Musings?

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

5 teams, 4 playoff spots, 3 weeks to go. Its Pennant Fever!

Sodo Oh No (89-55)
...3 vs. The Safe, 3 vs. WTTH, 3 vs. Fire Bavasi,
...3 vs. Cracking the Safe, 2 vs. Mariners Weekly, 4 vs Mariners Optimist
Mariner Optimist (83-63)
...3 vs. Mariner Musings, 3 vs. Fire Bavasi, 2 vs. WTTH,
...3 vs. Onesixteeners, 2 vs. San Shin, 4 vs. Sodo Oh No
Onesixteeners (80-66)
...3 vs. WTTH, 3 vs. Cracking The Safe, 3 vs. Mariners Weekly,
...3 vs. Mariner Optimist, 2 vs. Mariner Musings, 3 vs. Fire Bavasi
Mariner Musings (80-67)
...3 vs. Mariner Optimist, 3 vs. Mariners Weekly, 2 vs The Safe,
...3 vs. WTTH, 2 vs. Onesixteeners, 3 vs. San Shin
San Shin (78-68)
...3 vs. Fire Bavasi, 3 vs. The Safe, 2 vs. Cracking the Safe,
...3 vs. Mariners Weekly, 2 vs. Mariner Optimist, 3 vs. Mariner Musings

EVERYONE plays the optimist in the final three weeks. Optimist unlikely to catch Sodo Oh No with their schedules, but they do end with 4 games against the Sodomists. Race for fourth place could come down to the final week, as San Shin tries to catch Mariner Musings with three games in the final weekend.

Head-to-head History...
Sodo Oh No vs. Optimist (9-5), 116(12-6), Musings(7-11), San Shin(11-7) - only bad matchup is current potential first round match.
Optimist vs. 116(11-5), Musings(9-6), San Shin(6-10) - Wants 116ers to come in 3rd.
116 vs. Musings (9-7), San Shin(12-6) wants to come in 2nd with Optimist in 4th or out of playoffs.
Musings vs. San Shin (9-6). Likes first round matchup with Sodo Oh No and matches up well with everyone.

Finally, my pitching shows improvements. In fact, I'm no longer even the worst in pitching, now that my ERA creeps below 5. Crudale is dynamite in 10 innings, with a 0.87 ERA, and Woody Williams is a nice surprise in the rotation after Maddux, Wakefield, Moyer and others couldn't hack it. Even Ryan Franklin is better than that motley group. My goal is to end the season not in last place.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Yes, only in fantasy baseball would you see trades like that.

  • The Safe releases Greg Maddux and Tim Wakefield
  • The Safe acquires free agents Ryan Franklin and Woody Williams

  • Friday, March 26, 2004

    No trades, eh? I guess everyone is either so happy with their team or wallowing too deep in misery to try and improve them. I'm suprised, considering that we're all armchair GM's that everyone has turned into miniature "Stand" Pat Gillicks :-)

  • The Safe releases Ugeth Urbina.
  • The Safe acquires free agent Mike Crudale.

  • Thursday, March 25, 2004

    I'm having to do some shake-ups too, my pitching is so awful. I had Urbina in reliever roles against lefties, and he should have been lights out according to his 2003 performance against LHB, but he was awful by DMB methods. None of my pitchers really lived up to my hopes.

    I kicked Garciaparra's lazy sub-.300 OBP butt back to the 7-spot in the order, and benched him against lefties. How does he respond? 4-4, 2R, 2D, 2T (!), 3 RBIs. I wonder if DMB allows for a psychological shake-up?

  • Sodo Oh No releases Josh Towers.
  • Sodo Oh No acquries free agent Grant Balfour.
  • Onesixteeners releases Jolbert Cabrera.
  • Onesixteeners acquires free agent Matt Kata.

  • Wednesday, March 24, 2004

    Personally, I'm sure it's just because my clubhouse lacks character. I'm gonna sign Scott Brosius tomorrow.

    If Billy Martin were still alive, I'd hire and then fire him.

    I'm stunned that we are 30-12 in 1 run games while Jeff's team is 7-21. That is an amazing disparity for 2 teams with close to identical run differential. No way we should be 14 games up on San Shin...no way....

    This is freaky....

    Good lord, the one-run games are killing me, and the wider my run differential gets, the worse I do.

    Case in point: I lose a three-game series with Mariner Musings by dropping a 14-2 win, then losing two one-run games. Split those runs up, guys!

    Tuesday, March 23, 2004

  • Cracking the Safe releases Tim Redding
  • Cracking the Safe acquires free agent Chad Gaudin

  • Well, it was fun while it lasted... Fire Bavasi took two of three from me on July 25-26, and now my record against them is just 11-2. Sodo Oh No now owns the top record against a team with a 11-1 record against WTTH, while San Shin has a 9-1 record against Mariner Weekly.

    Jeff - good luck getting Carlos Beltran to play for you. His sub-.200 average was killing me, and I've been happy with Johnny Damon's .300+ as his replacement.

    Gonna be interesting pennant chase - 5 teams look in the hunt for 4 playoff spots. I hope San Shin doesn't make it cuz they will be tough to beat in a short series, especially if there pitching ever comes around.

    Chicks dig the long ball.

    Despite our team .257 batting average we've managed to score 531 runs placing us right in the middle of the pack. We don't hit for average but we take a lot of walks (2nd) and lead the league in home runs.

    Our pitching has been pretty good also, flipping the equation. We don't walk a lot of guys (1st) and we don't give up a lot of home runs (1st). I expected schilling's numbers to be good. I did not expect the performances we've gotten out of Alvarez and Contreras.

    The dog days of August will quickly be upon us and this could all change but I'm happy with where we stand.

    Of course being extremely lucky in 1 runs games is the only reason we're in 1st place.

  • San Shin releases Darren Erstad
  • San Shin acquires free agent Carlos Beltran

  • Monday, March 22, 2004

    It's occurred to me that everybody has ridiculous bullpens.

    Teams are a combined 41-386 when trailing after 7 innings.

  • Mariner Optimist releases Carlos Beltran and Alex Contron
  • Mariner Optimist acquires free agents Johnny Damon and Rich Aurilia

  • Saturday, March 20, 2004

    Not to be self-serving, but maybe we should crown a Pythagorean champion as well.

    Friday, March 19, 2004

    I knew that whole Pythagorean record thing would come in handy sooner or later!

    My strategy is to lurk 10 games out for almost the entire season as an homage to the M's 1995 run.

    2-8 stretch including 3 game sweep at hands of San Shin takes the wind out of my sails, but you gotta love my record against Fire Bavasi, a perfect 10-0.

    Thursday, March 18, 2004

    Here's the latest pythagorean update - there is definitely some weird stuff going on in this league:
    Team       W    L   RS    RA   Pct   Exp Exp W Exp L   DIF  RSvAve  RAvAve RSvAve/G RAvAve/G
    116 52 32 472 378 0.619 0.609 51.18 32.82 0.82 49.600 -44.400 0.590 -0.529
    OPT 47 32 466 381 0.595 0.599 47.35 31.65 -0.35 43.600 -41.400 0.552 -0.524
    SOD 51 28 445 367 0.646 0.595 47.02 31.98 3.98 22.600 -55.400 0.286 -0.701
    SAN 42 40 527 440 0.512 0.589 48.32 33.68 -6.32 104.600 17.600 1.276 0.215
    MUS 40 42 437 423 0.488 0.516 42.33 39.67 -2.33 14.600 0.600 0.178 0.007
    WEK 35 49 389 444 0.417 0.434 36.48 47.52 -1.48 -33.400 21.600 -0.398 0.257
    CRK 36 45 391 456 0.444 0.424 34.32 46.68 1.68 -31.400 33.600 -0.388 0.415
    BAV 38 43 378 443 0.469 0.421 34.13 46.87 3.87 -44.400 20.600 -0.548 0.254
    WTH 34 48 354 423 0.415 0.412 33.78 48.22 0.22 -68.400 0.600 -0.834 0.007
    SAF 32 48 365 469 0.400 0.377 30.18 49.82 1.82 -57.400 46.600 -0.718 0.583
    422.4 422.4
    Check out San Shin pounding out more that one run per game over the league average.

  • The Safe releases Jamie Moyer and Dontrel Willis
  • The Safe acquires free agents Tim Wakefield and Darren Dreifort.

  • I'm back from the cold from hell! Living on Nyquil/Dayquil. The results will be up in a few minutes.

    Wednesday, March 17, 2004

    BTW guys, Mike is on vacation today and I think tomorrow so don't expect any new results until Friday.

    I agree with the guy from DMB in the sense that I wouldn't want them to make Ryan Franklin, for example, perform worse in simulation because he is considered to be quite dependent on good fielding. It should be done as much as possible according to the previous season's stats, which makes some of the MBSBL results odd.

    Tuesday, March 16, 2004

    Gabriel asked how DMB could make Jamie Moyer so much worse than his success from last season would indicate. I was going to re-hash the debate from last month around defense-independent pitching stats, but decided instead to just get it straight from the horse's mouth. Below is the email I sent to Tom Trippett at Diamond Mind:

    >I see that version 9 will be released soon. I was wondering if this version will take into account some of
    >the recent research on balls-in-play and DIPS performed by Tom T. and Voros McCracken. I am in a DMB >simulation league where this has been a topic of some debate.

    And his response:
    This is about the fifth time that I've gotten this question, and I must say that I'm a little puzzled by it. It's not clear to me why there would be any impact on the DMB game itself or how we rate the players for our annual season disk.

    If a pitcher, such as Tim Hudson in 2003, had a very low rate of hits allowed on balls in play, we rate him to have a low rate of hits on balls in play in our game. That's what we've always done, and I don't see any reason why this should change. I'd be surprised if your league members would want us to rate the 2003 Hudson to allow hits at the league average rate just because research suggests that extremely low in-play hit rates tend not to be repeated in the future.

    This research does factor into our work in one important way. Our annual projection disk is a forecast of future performance, and we have made adjustments in how we project future performance to take this research into account. This is still a work in progress, because I think there's still more to learn about how to project future in-play hit rates, but we've already taken our first few steps down that path.

    By the way, we've also added in-play batting average as a new statistic in version 9, both for real-life and simulated stats.


    So there you have it, if a pitcher had good DIPS in 2003, he will stay that way in the sim, but for the projection disk, there may be some regression to the mean. Therefore, I am able to shed no light whatsoever on why Jamie isn't a good simmer, and I should just go back to deleting mortgage offers from my inbox.

    Oh, and those of you with only one catcher might want to read this, from the description of version 9:

    Catcher fatigue. Previously, a tired catcher would underperform at the plate but remain at full strength in the field. Now catcher fatigue affects defensive performance as well.

  • Sodo Oh No releases Darren Dreifort
  • Sodo Oh No acquires free agent Josh Towers

  • Looking at San Shin's pitching numbers and there is no way he should be close to leading the league in runs allowed. There is also no way he should be 4-14 in 1 runs games either. Then I looked at his team allowing 33% of the inherited runners to score. That's brutal but it will turn around.

    This is the 2nd league that A-rod has been a bust in. Manny also. I'll have to take a look at the other first round draft choices to see if there numbers are equivalent. I figure another week or so before the trades start....

    Monday, March 15, 2004

    My team remains a Pythagorean nightmare.

    Sweet Jesus.

    My pitching is really terrible; worst in the league, in fact. Check out the difference between their 2003 numbers and their simulation numbers, though:

    Brown 2.39/4.70
    Ortiz 3.81/5.40
    Moyer 3.27/6.31
    Willis 3.30/5.52

    How can Diamond Mind make Moyer that much worse?

    Not a bad run for the Optimist. Takes 3 or 4 from 2nd place 116ers (holding them to 10 runs over 4 games), splits 4 games with the tough but unluck San Shin (with SanShinian scores of 6-14, 10-8, 9-7, 6-8), and then takes 2 of 3 from 1st place Sodo Oh No.

    Javy Lopez and Barry Bonds are neck and neck for the MVP of the league, and both have a shot at the Triple Crown as well as breaking the major league home run record.

    Bonds (.343/30/76)
    Lopez (.342/28/76)
    Pujols (.349/19/66)

    Here is a summary of the First round picks.

    1. The Safe - Ichiro (339/360/474, 7 HR, 40 RBI, 10SBs)
    2. 116 - Albert Pujols (349/433/671, 19HR, 66 RBI)
    3. WTHH - Todd Helton (289/369/486, 9 HR, 35 RBI)
    4. San Shin - Barry Bonds (343/486/787, 30HR, 76 RBI)
    5. Sodo Oh No - ARod (215/294/484, 21HR, 42RBI)
    6. Cracking the Safe - Carlos Delgado(208/345/429, 13 HR, 44 RBI)
    7. Mariner Optimist - Javy Lopez (342/372/732, 28 HR, 76 RBI)
    8. Mariner Musings - Gary Sheffield(260/373/441, 10 HR, 38 RBI, but leads league in SBs with 15)
    9. Mariners Weekly - Manny Ramirez(254/330/430, 12 HR, 36 RBI)
    10. Fire Bavasi - Vladamir Guerrero (269/339/443, 11 HR, 36 RBI)

    Ichiro is holding his own surprisingly well, while ARod(294 OBP!), Delgado, Sheffield, Ramirez and Vlad have to be consider disappointments to various degrees.

    Friday, March 12, 2004

  • The Safe releases Edwin Jackson.
  • The Safe acquires free agent Greg Maddux.

  • Cracking the Safe releases Kevin Millwood and Troy Percival.
  • Cracking the Safe acquires free agents Tim Redding and Tim Worrell.

  • Thursday, March 11, 2004

    Been a rough week or so for the 'Shin. One and nine? Ouch!

    Just wait 'til next ... week! Yeah, that's the ticket!


  • What the Hell releases the following players: Rafael Betancourt, Jason Kershner, Adam Kennedy, Jeff Conine
  • What the Hell acquires the following free agents: Andy Pettitte, Randy Wolf, Angel Berroa, Sean Burroughs


  • Mariner Optimist releases the following players: Oscar Villarreal, Cliff Lee, Chone Figgins, Jose Cruz.
  • Mariner Optimist acquires the following free agents: Jerome Williams, Shawn Chacon, Marquis Grissom, Bobby Kielty

  • Alright, I just sent Mike my first moves of the season...

    The Oscar Villarreal and Cliff Lee experiments are over. We are going to give Jerome Williams and Shawn Chacon spots in the rotation to see what they do.

    Chone Figgins and Jose Cruz are gone, and in come lefty-bashers Marquis Grissom and Bobby Kielty to try to pump up my .650 OPS against lefties.

    Nice to finally see the optimist have a 10-game stretch OVER 500.

    Now if we can figure out how to light a fire underneath Carlos Beltran and his 450 OPS, the Optimist will climb back into the playoff hunt!

    Well...hmm...hmm. Of course, when you run a league like this and play in it you want to do well...but perhaps not TO well. Anyway, I invite everyone to note Sodo's 12-3 record in one run games. We ended our last series against San Shin with three consecutive one-run wins! That won't last...or maybe we just drafted players who "know how to win."

    Just to show my geekitude I have a little Pythagorean spreadsheet going and every so often I'll post the latest results, sorted by expected winning percentage.
    Team      W    L   RS     RA   Pct   Exp Exp W Exp L   DIF  RSvAve  RAvAve RSvAve/G RAvAve/G
    SOD 29 13 237 193 0.690 0.601 25.25 16.75 3.75 14.400 -29.600 0.343 -0.705
    SAN 19 26 274 252 0.422 0.542 24.38 20.62 -5.38 51.400 29.400 1.142 0.653
    WEK 25 22 234 216 0.532 0.540 25.38 21.62 -0.38 11.400 -6.600 0.243 -0.140
    116 25 19 215 201 0.568 0.534 23.48 20.52 1.52 -7.600 -21.600 -0.173 -0.491
    MUS 21 22 219 207 0.488 0.528 22.71 20.29 -1.71 -3.600 -15.600 -0.084 -0.363
    OPT 20 22 224 215 0.476 0.520 21.86 20.14 -1.86 1.400 -7.600 0.033 -0.181
    BAV 25 19 219 225 0.568 0.486 21.41 22.59 3.59 -3.600 2.400 -0.082 0.055
    CRK 18 27 219 253 0.400 0.428 19.28 25.72 -1.28 -3.600 30.400 -0.080 0.676
    SAF 18 24 193 231 0.429 0.411 17.27 24.73 0.73 -29.600 8.400 -0.705 0.200
    WTH 19 25 192 233 0.432 0.404 17.79 26.21 1.21 -30.600 10.400 -0.695 0.236
    222.6 222.6
    The outliers in the DIF column are always interesting. San Shin is playing more than 5 games under their expected record!

    You can change your team at anytime. Just send me an updated manager profile - and please not at the top what sections changed :-)

    You can pickup free agents (undrafted players) on a one-for-one basis (you have to release someone from your team). The free agents are available first-come-first-served. Send me the transaction and an updated manager profile.

    You can make trades with other teams. Both teams need to send confirmation along with updated manager profiles.

    That's it. Enjoy!

    My first sweep of the season knocks San Shin from first! Who's next? Mwahahaha...

    Although, 5-9 in one-run affairs with a league-leading 9 blown saves is plain fugly. Fire the manager already. No, wait...

    And is there a managerial option we can check, something to the effect of "IBB Bonds"? .897 SLG? Yeesh, over 600 AB, he's on pace for 95 HR!

    Wednesday, March 10, 2004

    I think some changes to my squad are in order. Whats the easiest way to change some lineups around? What about dropping and adding players?

    Tuesday, March 09, 2004

    Sodo's team batting average has climbed up to .212. For a team we don't have a single player hitting over .270 and only 6 players are over .200. We may have the change the name to Team Mendoza. Yet we've won more than we've lost and we're second in the league in walks.

    The pitching is close to where I expected it. We give up hits but don't walk a lot of guys and strike out a lot of people.

    Freak stat of the day...Jason Giambi is hitting .183 yet has an OBP of .410 thanks to drawing 20 walks in 21 games. Can you say "leadoff man"?

    Reader Alan Shield points out the following:

    Martinez dh .250 .372 .402 23 92 23 5 0 3 23 15 18 28 1 0 0 0
    Soriano 2b .237 .262 .402 23 97 23 5 1 3 11 13 4 15 0 1 4 0

    Edgar is striking out at nearly twice Soriano's rate. Has Sim-Gar gotten old?

    In other news, congratulations to Matt Clement for being my only starter to crack the league leaders ... in walks.

    All I can say is... evil luck.

    After 21 games, the Optimist is 9-12, but has outscored his opponents by 11 runs. Only a 4-game sweep of Fire Bavasi has kept us in the chase, after an UGLY eight game losing streak.

    Amazingly, the Optimists have the second best ERA in the league behind Mariner Musings and have 12 of 21 quality starts, also 2nd best in the league. 4-4 in save opportunities is good. The offense is third in the league with a 795 OPS trailing only Mariner Musings at 797 and the mighty 868 of first place San Shin, led by Barry Bonds and his obscene 1276 OPS with 14 HRs. How can we program these guys to automagically walk that guy!

    Jason Isringhausen has single-handedly cost M.O. two games and has an ugly 13.50 ERA to show for it. And Cliff Lee(5.30) has been a huge disappointment in the rotation. Tony Armas and his 5.46 ERA look pretty bad, but 3 of his 5 starts have been quality starts. Thank goodness for Eric Dubose and his nifty 2.45 ERA, coming in 4th in the league behind Ortiz, Hudson, and ...
    Julio Mateo, who has won 4 games as a middle reliever for Sodo Oh No! Damn, I knew I should have picked up Ortiz, and not let him fall to the Safe.

    So.. when do we get to make roster moves, trades, etc...
    And how can we see fielding statistics? I'm pretty sure Jose Guillen's errors may be offsetting his awesome offense.

    Monday, March 08, 2004

    I'm glad we're all having fun so far...some more than others! The game logs are a tad hard to read, but once you get used to it they are neat. Let's go through a half-inning. How about the second inning from MO's opener
    Mariner Optimist     -----A------ -----B------ -----C------ -----D------ -----E------
    Beltran cf 1>43 43.1-2 k
    Cruz cf k 543/gdp
    Giles 2b k k 5>2/fl W 9>53

    Lopez c S 3>7 k note 1 3/fl
    Stairs 1b k 8 31 Heredia
    Nevin ph IW 7
    Posada dh 2>S 3/L 6>43 S.3-H;1-2 0>8
    Koskie 3b S.1-3 4>HR S
    Helms ph W.2-3;1-2 3/g
    Guillen lf HP.1-2 k S.1-2 Quantrill 43
    Abreu rf note 2 S 543/gdp 8>S 1>k
    Valentin ss 8/SF.3-H SB2 7>31 9 9

    1: D.1-H;B-3(e6/th) 2: S.3-H;2-H;1-3
    So, here's what happend in the second.
  • Posada leads off with a single (S, means single)
  • Koskie singles and Posada moves to third (S.1-3, means single and the runner on first moves to third)
  • Guillen is hit by a pitch and Koskie moves to second, bases loaded (HP.1-2 means hit by pitch and the runner on first moves to second)
  • Abreu singles scoring Posada and Koskie, Guillen moves to third (Note 2 (when they are to long to fit it makes notes below the game log) = S.3-H;2-H;1-3 means single, runner on third scores, runner on second scores, runner on first moves to third)
  • Valentin hits a sacrifice fly scoring Guillen (8/SF.3-H means sacrifice fly to center field (8), runner on third scores)
  • Beltran grounds out, Abreu moves to second (43.1-2 means ground ball to second, runner on first moves to second)
  • Giles strikes out to end the inning (K means strikeout)

    What could be simpler?! :-)

  • Ack! 3-7 start and a 5-game losing streak. Its not all bad - I've lost two extra inning games. Apparently, I missed that Oscar Villarreal is an error machine with 3 errors in 2 starts. Jose Guillen's e274 has translated into 3 errors in 10 games. Ouch.

    Is everyone's fifth starter getting skipped, I assume?

    Can someone give me a primer on how to read the freakin' boxscores?

    And while I'm perusin' my stats for the first time, talk about your small sample size: In four at-bats against lefties, Barry Bonds has four hits, including three home runs. Yowza.

    My pythagorean record looks pretty good. But B.J. Ryan doesn't, rockin' a mighty 12.45 ERA.

    I'm excited for the season: to Sodo Oh No, thank you for all the hard work setting up the league; and thanks for ripping my heart out in the most recent game, a 7-6 squeaker. Matt Mantei's revenge.


    I don't want to think about my Pythagorean record.

    Sodo Oh No leaps out of the blocks and proceeds to fall flat on its collective face. I'm pretty pleased that we managed to win 5 games with a team batting average of .216 (last in the league) and a team ERA of 4.99 (3rd to last). Let's hope that these guys aspire to be the A's of the past few years.

    Just click your heels together 3 times and say....."Small sample size, small sample size, small sample size"

    It's Opening Day of the MBSBL! Finally! You can check out the stats page to follow the league. Go to your team page to see your boxscores.


    Thursday, March 04, 2004

    In the directions you sent along with our profiles, I think that it said you have to be in a particular mode for that player-time information to be taken into consideration anyway - I'd have to double-check that though. Anyway, if a player is assigned to a regular position then the manager also ignores that information. So if Joe-Schmo only had 2 at-bats but you have him as the regular 1B, it will play him as much as it needs to regardless of whether you tried to limit him to 2 at-bats maximum.

    By the way, thanks for doing all this work. It sounds like a pain in the neck.

    I've got all the manager profiles and I'm working through them. It's taking a bit longer than I thought. Added to that is I have to address the playing time issue that some of you have asked about. Yes, those numbers at the bottom of the form appear to be chokes on playing time designed to give the players a "realistic" amount of playing time compared to what they did in 2003. That, of course, will not work for our league. I'm going to remove all the chokes from all the players so the can play as much as the manager deems necessary (and no, there is no easy way to do this...I have to right-click each player and fill out a dialog - ugh). I'll definitely be ready to start Monday morning so look for the first game updates then.

    Wednesday, March 03, 2004

    Adobe, huh? Does that mean you guys make the car made of clay?

    Tuesday, March 02, 2004

    Judging by the signatures that often accompany Mike's emails, and the fact that the address he has been emailing me from is an adobe.com address, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you guys work for Adobe. Oh yeah, and Photoshop is an Adobe program.

    BTW, can I get the hookup on a copy of Photoshop? ;)

    It wouldn't be a company that makes software for PDAs, would it? Otherwise I would guess that you work in a photo shop.

    Photoshop savvy, eh? Does anyone want to hazard a guess where Mike and I work?

    On B.J.: So I guess B.J. Ryan will either suck royally or be pretty good. I'm glad this has been resolved. As Chris Berman would over-enunciate, "That's why they sim the games!"

    On "making it interesting": If you ask me, a photoshop-savvy MBSBLer should make a league champion logo image that the winner can post on the victorious blog.

    I have 7 out of 10 manager profiles so far. I'm going to start entering the data tonight. I'll start the games as soon as I can.

    I plan on running three series every weekday. This should be about 6 times speed so we should get through the regular season in about a month. Then the top four teams will have best-of-seven playoff rounds.

    If you'd like to make trade, both managers need to send me confirmation and updated manger profiles. You can also trade with the undrafted "free agent" pool. You can do this on a player for player basis. Again just send me what you want to do and your updated profile. Free agents will be distributed on a first come-first served basis.

    When the games start I'll activate the League Stats link on the league web site. The general league stats will be there. Your team page will have links to the boxscores of all your teams games.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Monday, March 01, 2004

    So I guess our simulated season starts tomorrow. Is this the point where we're supposed to "make it interesting"?

    BJ Ryan's numbers in my other sim league, which used the 2003 season disk this past winter:

    24.2 IP
    24 H
    10 BB
    31 K
    1 HR
    3.28 ERA

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