Friday, February 27, 2004

The ugly stats for Mr BJ Ryan when he played for The Kings of VORP

BJ Ryan ERA - 8.31 INN - 17.1 H - 31 R - 18 ER - 16 K - 17 HR - 4

The managerial profile has no "Jesse Orosco" setting that says he absolutely should only be used to face left handed hitters, hence he did face some righties. However look at his 17.1 IP and 31 hits allowed in those innings.

I'm really hoping that going from 7 teams to 10 and diluting the talent pool by 75 players lets the sim engine more accurately reflect the 2003 stats. A few performances in our FSBL league fall too far outside the expected norms for my liking. For example

Mark Mulder 108.1 IP 138 Hits 29 walks 79 k's...that's about 30 more hits than I expected him to have.
Alex Rodriguez .228 BA .289 OBP .440 SLG.....that's way too low for him even if he faced Pedro every game.
Ichiro .238 BA .277 OBP .329 SLG

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