Thursday, February 19, 2004

That's great news, Jeff!

But you still have a freakin awesome rotation, having leveraged that information into grabs of Johan Santana and now Scot Shields. But it definitely means an early play for a pitcher like Prior is not a great decision. In fact, he may not be the best pitcher on your staff.

1. Mark Prior (231/280/352/632)
4. Johan Santana (216/275/367/642)
8. Brandon Webb (212/295/307/601)
15. Matt Morris (252/294/408/702)
16. Scot Shields (247/297/370/667)

But in the same way that Prior in the first may not look so hot, Vlad in the second looks studly knowing that he won't be hurt at all.

It would be fun to do this over later in the season, knowing what we know now (no injuries, pitcher eligibility)...

Oh well, I'll continue to remain optimistic about my chances...

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