Friday, February 27, 2004

Jeff, I see your Darin Erstad and raise you Brad Ausmus. Take that!

In regards to how Diamond Mind accounts for DIPS, I really don't know. However, Tom Tippett--the creator of Diamond Mind--wrote his own thoughts on the subject last summer in an article entitled "Can pitchers prevent balls in play?"

"The bottom line, though, is that I am convinced that pitchers do influence in-play outcomes to a significant degree. There's a reason why Charlie Hough and Jamie Moyer and Phil Niekro and Tom Glavine and Bud Black have had successful careers despite mediocre strikeout rates. There's a reason why the top strikeout pitchers have also suppressed in-play hits at a good rate. Using power or control or deception or a knuckleball, pitchers can keep hitters off balance and induce more than their share of routine grounders, popups, and lazy fly balls."

How he incorporates this into the game I can't really say.

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