Friday, February 27, 2004

I blogged about the Tripplett article backed in January. It is a must-read for any serious baseball fan, and in fact it just won the "Primie" for best non-Baseball Primer research project. The other key quote from that article is:

The notion that pitchers don't have as much control over in-play outcomes as they do over defense-independent outcomes is both obvious (in retrospect) and very important.

So we have an idea about what Tripplett thinks. However, the article was written last summer, well after Version 8 of DM had been released. I assume MBSBL is running on V8 since V9 hasn't been released yet. In fact, V9 is overdue, and I'll speculate that maybe it's late so they can program some DIPS-related concepts like BABIP into it. Not to get all misty-eyed, but isn't amazing how much we still don't know about this game? Baseball has been around for 100+ years and nobody seriously studied the issue of BABIP until last summer. That's incredible. What a game.

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