Saturday, February 21, 2004

Frankly, I'm a little shocked Francisco "K-Rod" Rodriguez lasted this long, so even though he doesn't fill a pressing need for me, I feel like I've got to take him. Now I've got four tough right-handed relievers, though one of them (Spooneybarger) murtalizes lefties.

Palmeiro was the only hitter I was thinking about taking, since he crushes southpaws, and would have made an interesting lefty-lefty first base platoon for me. Mariners Weekly beat me to it.

A lot of nice picks this round. Dreifort is a stud in no-injury leagues, Farnsworth is a nice high-strikeout relief pitcher with balanced splits, Isringhausen mows down right-handers, and DaVanon is DaNicePlatoonPlayer.

Intriguing pick: Kelly Wunsch, who doesn't give up extra-base hits, but doesn't find the plate a lot, either. Was thinking about taking him, since its hard to turn down a lefty that holds hitters to a .139 average and a .205 (!) slugging percentage. Then I saw the .306 on-base percentage against and went all Lou Piniella.

It's a moderate risk, high-reward pick, I think: Nice value at this point in the draft.

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