Sunday, February 22, 2004

Cracking the Safe has my number... for the third straight time, they have grabbed the player I had #1 on my board by a long shot. This time, its Will Cunnane, easily the top reliever left on the board and who's 550 OPS against crushes most of the relievers picked in the last two rounds by 50 points or so.

So, instead, I go for my RF against lefties and my second favorite Rice University alumni to play for the Mariners - Jose Cruuuuuuuuuuzzzzz. 935 OPS against lefties was not the top outfield hitter out there, but his 5e36 in RF helps firm up the OF D, and his drop off against righties is to the 700's not to the 600's like all of the better hitters still left.

Who needs pitching? Looking forward to trading season...

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