Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Chris Cappa-Who-Now? Well, I had decided that I'd need six relief pitchers: I'm sort of taking my cue from Sodo Oh No on that, and it stands to reason given that all the pitchers I've taken are short-relief types.

This pick is a bit of a gamble since a) I'm having to speculate on whether Capuano will be allowed to relieve (he started five games, relieved in four) and b) his overall peripherals, while not bad, are nothing to write home about (1.15 WHIP, .686 OPS against). But considering my only other needs are a lefty masher for the bench and a defensive replacement, taking another arm seems to have the largest upside here.

I'm drafting him as a lefty specialist because of his splits. In 31 at-bats, he didn't give up an extra-base hit to lefties last year, yielding a dazzling line of rate stats: .129/.222/.129/.351.

This gives me a second southpaw and a third pitcher that mows down lefties. I'm hoping the Diamond Mind manager settings allow me to be fairly strict about using Capuano only against lefties, since I'm sure he'll make a good LOOGY given these stats.

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