Wednesday, February 25, 2004

ahhh platoons....I built a heavily platooned team in the FSBL league I'm playing in. It's a work only league with only 7 teams. I have platoons at 1st, 3rd, DH and Catcher. How is it working out? My left handed lineup is crushing right handed pitchers to the tune of .291 / .369 / .518. My biggest disappointment is Jim Thome who is hitting .204 / .314 / .484. Of his 45 hits he has 14 home runs.

My right handed lineup is woefully anemic with a .238 / .329 / .455 line. Lucky for me I face right handed pitching 70% of the time. I've also gotten pretty horrible performances from my designated matchup relievers (BJ Ryan, urgh, Matt Mantei, argh).

Why am I entering this? Just to warn others that even having great splits in the 2003 season doesn't mean that you'll get the same results in the simulation. We're 80 games into the season and Phil Nevin has a .574 OPS in 91 PA's facing only left handed pitching (a little less than his 1.222 OPS in real life vs. lefties in 2003). I'd be even more concerned if I didn't lead the league by 4 games (that one is for you Mike:-)

I have pitchers with a 2003 real life WHIP of 1.15 getting raked to the tune of of 1.54 WHIP. We have one starter in the league with an ERA under 3 and only 8 with an ERA under 4. We have one guy hitting over .350 (Cory Koskie) and only 10 guys hitting over .300.

So when a question is asked like the last one, the only answer is...We don't know....The sim engine does what it does and there is no predicting it.

I will say that pitchers who threw a lot of innings and struck out a lot of batters in 2003 also are doing it in our sim. Pitchers that walked a lot of guys in 2003 are also doing it in our sim.

Guys who struck out in the real world, strike out in the sim world, Guys that walk, walk, most of the superstars hit like superstars, with a few exceptions (ARod and Manny, unfortunately Mike owns both :-)

I'm quite sure the engine will do very different things in the MBSBL because the talent is more diluted due to the number of teams and we're going to get a unique set of circumstances. Draft with your best instincts and don't get too bummed if your #1 draft choice flames out in this league.

The real fun is going to come about 80 games into the season when the trade talk starts!!!!!

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